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Ascending Dreams 1 :icondannath:dannath 1 8
Ascending Dreams 2
Ascending Dreams
Misplaced Fears
"If dreams ascend to the heights like smoke…"

Squall glared at a smiling Bartz from his place on a tree branch.
"There you go, watch while I take a small nap, alright?"
"Why do I have to stay here?"
Bartz stuck his tongue at him.
"Because, shorty it's impossible to see anything from down here with all this foliage, we'll be ambushed before we manage to see any of the enemies."
Squall sighed, resigned to his fate of spending at least half of the night sitting on an uncomfortable branch, and soon after he looked down to a completely asleep Bartz.
As he watched the dark sky, he started having an uncomfortable feeling. He blinked and rubbed his face to take away the sudden tiredness. He hadn't been all that tired just a moment ago. He looked down to check on Bartz, but everything seemed to be alright.
A little later, he caught himself closing his eyes. He shook his head, increasingly exasperated with himself, and sat in a different, more uncomf
:icondannath:dannath 0 2
Kuja Couture by dannath
Mature content
Kuja Couture :icondannath:dannath 22 9
Nice Tail Buddy by dannath Nice Tail Buddy :icondannath:dannath 3 5 Portrait Study 01 by dannath Portrait Study 01 :icondannath:dannath 1 3 Laughing by dannath Laughing :icondannath:dannath 10 13 HAI THAR HOT OLD MAN by dannath HAI THAR HOT OLD MAN :icondannath:dannath 8 20 Someone's Dream by dannath Someone's Dream :icondannath:dannath 10 3
Little Kids
Little pets, little dinners, and little kids.
The first time, Gabranth saw the kid on the living world. If the battlefield where they had been summoned could even be called a world, of course.
He heard him talking to someone, but as Gabranth approached, the child seemed to be alone.
"It's all your fault," he complained, and sat down on the grass with his back against a tree. "And now the others will be angry with me for being late, you lazy thing."
Despite his size, childish clothes, and the fact that he couldn't be older than fourteen; the kid still carried around him the halo of harmonic power that signaled him as a warrior of Cosmos.
The child looked at where Gabranth hid.
"Who's there?" he shouted, jumping to his feeth and drawing his sword. Gabranth saw in his other hand he carried a baby chocobo. A chikabo too round for it's size. It looked like it could roll around, rather than walk.
Gabranth stepped away from his hinging place among the foliage.
"Is your goddess desperat
:icondannath:dannath 3 0
Illusory Present
Illusory Present
Pairings: Implied KainxCecil, and Wol+Cecil. I see WoL and Cecil as being total BFFs.
Summary: After the war is over, WoL scorts everybody to their respective worlds, but Cecil refuses to let him leave.

Despite the cold worded message in the letter, Kain could feel Rosa's near despair.
"He refused to say anything and left. Please look for him."
Leave? With no explanation, no motives and leaving Baron in near chaos? Kain almost couldn't believe it. That was so unlike Cecil, it was almost ridiculous.
Kain rushed to the outskirts of the forest where a few travelers had seen a white haired man walking alone. There had to be a reason, and knowing Cecil, it had to be something big for him to just up and leave everything behind.
He slowed down as he heard voices in the road in front of him. A soft light shone for a moment, then disappeared.
"I still can't believe it's over" said Cecil's voice, and Kain hid behind a few trees to see who he was talking to. "It feels lik
:icondannath:dannath 4 3
A/N: A little funny thing to cheer me up. I still have trouble giving them distinctive voices, I hope it's not confusing. Also, I refer to WoL as Warrior, or Light, no real reason why.

The Warrior of Light faced Garland, in a battle that might have happened a thousand times. One of them knew it, the other didn't.
Garland dodged a stab and tried to land a hit, but the Warrior lifted his shield. Garland used that moment to sneak under the warrior's defense and lift his weapon to land a hit that would give him victory.
But at the last moment, the Warrior took a step forward, and Garland only hit him in the head with the handle of his weapon. The knight dodged when he heard the word "Light!", narrowly avoiding the ray of light that came from the Warrior's shield.
"Don't you have the best luck?" laughed Garland, but the Warrior did not respond, merely taking a couple of wobbly steps to the side. "What is it? Did that hurt too much? You're getting weaker."
"It…It's not that
:icondannath:dannath 1 0
Void Cereal
A/N: Alternate title "The Almost Amusing Adventures of Grocery Shopping"

It wasn't really the shopping that annoyed Light. It was merely the people, the grocery store music, the squeaky floors, the badly written shopping list, the fact that he always ran into the Cloud of Darkness in the fruit aisle (and that usually got weird); and the fact that he always had to go with someone to help him carry the bags back home because he wasn't allowed to drive the car again after having somehow driven it into the top of a tree when he tried to learn how to drive.
This time his companion was the Onion Kid, which made the whole trip slightly more bearable because the kid knew that he hated small talk and would rather entertain himself with looking at other shoppers, or just monologuing to himself without really expecting any answer from the warrior. Unlike some other people who insisted on having his opinion about what brand of shampoo to take and what other brand of condition
:icondannath:dannath 5 6
Void Cakes Are Delicious
Void Cakes Are Delicious And So Are You
By: Alex Damien
A/N: Written for Railenthe because she bribed me. First written as comment-fic, but I liked it enough to post it as a drabble

Light glared as Cecil twirled the plate with the chocolate cake in his hand.
"It's unbelievable how they dare to mock us like this," said Light.
Cecil smiled at the tiny cake.
"I think it's cute. And it's not like they're doing anything bad. I mean, I can't really sense any darkness in this. It's just chocolate."
"It's the message it sends to the world! People will start thinking the Void isn't that bad. They'll start thinking darkness isn't the bane of this world." Cecil glared at him. "It is. Don't try to sugar coat it."
"I don't need to. It's got 86% chocolate for that." He picked up a nearby fork. "And, since I'm half made of the bane of the world, I can eat it."
He took a bit, stuck his tongue at Light, and put it deliberately slowly in his mouth.
"Oh, you do that. You're corrupted and we all k
:icondannath:dannath 4 4
These New Things
These New Things
Drabbles. Sephiroth and Cloud POV, please read the title as a part of the drabble itself. Introspective. Gen/Friendship.
A Thousand New Suns
Sometimes, Cloud wants to know them all. To see all the things that the Onion kid doesn't manage to tell him, and the things that Terra dismisses with a smile when he asks.
And other times, they overwhelm him. Like when he sees the odd shadows in Cecil's eyes, or hears the coldness in the Warrior's voice.
"Maybe it's just that I'm afraid," he overhears Bartz say to Zidane, with his arms behind his head and a smile that whispers of nostalgia at the corners.
Cloud wonders if his own face looks like that.
When he tries to smile.
Sephiroth never thought to find something like that, in this mock up of a world that falls apart along the edges.
He sees it in Golbez for a moment, and then it's gone.
Other times, he hears a thin whisper of it twisting around Garland's voice when he talks about light
:icondannath:dannath 4 3
CoD Color Test 1 by dannath
Mature content
CoD Color Test 1 :icondannath:dannath 2 8
HAI THAR KITTY by dannath HAI THAR KITTY :icondannath:dannath 8 17


Crowgirl by AinLavendra Crowgirl :iconainlavendra:AinLavendra 111 19 Nostalgia by Rivan145th Nostalgia :iconrivan145th:Rivan145th 840 66 Painting Steps by No-Nami Painting Steps :iconno-nami:No-Nami 243 27 Mother is the First Other - Shinji Ikari Painting by studiomuku Mother is the First Other - Shinji Ikari Painting :iconstudiomuku:studiomuku 515 33 Photoshop Brushes by JohnRauch Photoshop Brushes :iconjohnrauch:JohnRauch 2,970 532 IA Kai by ALRadeck IA Kai :iconalradeck:ALRadeck 480 13 Digital Drawing Tutorial by Anako-ART Digital Drawing Tutorial :iconanako-art:Anako-ART 4,203 417 Digital Painting Tutorial by Anako-ART Digital Painting Tutorial :iconanako-art:Anako-ART 3,709 197 ter 02 digital painting by Oission ter 02 digital painting :iconoission:Oission 1,214 227 Working faster in Photoshop by Duffzilla Working faster in Photoshop :iconduffzilla:Duffzilla 4,457 289 PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL 002 by oh-noh PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL 002 :iconoh-noh:oh-noh 1,075 21 Angry Blue Bird test by palecardinal Angry Blue Bird test :iconpalecardinal:palecardinal 232 15 Angry Birds!!! by Arichka Angry Birds!!! :iconarichka:Arichka 1,149 53 Angry birds cosplay by Tenori-Tiger Angry birds cosplay :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 998 48 Angry Birds: white, red, blue by palecardinal Angry Birds: white, red, blue :iconpalecardinal:palecardinal 774 27



Remodeling my gallery and deleting, deleting, deleting. Gonna be lots of changes around here, yup.
Sorry for the mess.


Alexander Damien
I'm a student obsessed with videogames, and epic fantasy writing...I don't think there is all that much to me...
I usually update the most on my account over here: But lately I've been on an unfortunate writing hiatus that I haven't been able to break through

And journal like a mad thing over at:

Current Residence: Mexico City
Favourite genre of music: jpop, jrock, techno, technopop, electronic
Favourite style of art: Anime, Realism
Operating System: windows
MP3 player of choice: windows media player, itunes
Skin of choice: The one I was born with


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BLEAGH, I'VE BEEN UP TO MY NOSE IN SCHOOL STUFF AND JOB STUFF, I CAN'T BELIEVE MY LIFE, AARGH!! I mean, it's not even secret service cool, it's just secret accounting shit. Mind numbingly boring :(

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